Making the world LGBTQ people feel more familiar

Rainbow Daruma


As of 2021, the level of understanding of LGBTQ people in Japan is gradually becoming more widespread, , but it is still lower than in the Western countries.

Even worldwide, the idea that "LGBTQ is normal" is still not 100%.

"We want to make the world LGBTQ people feel more familiar"

As a symbol of good luck in Japan, Daruma have always been a natural part of people's lives.

The Rainbow Daruma doll was created with the hope that the LGBTQ community will become as commonplace as the Daruma doll.

The Rainbow Daruma is not just an doll, but a symbol of a community that can spread understanding of LGBTQ people just by being there.

Our goal is to create a world where LGBTQ people all over the world can smile and write their wishes on the back of Daruma dolls, and their wishes will come true.

In addition, each Rainbow Daruma doll is handmade by Daruma craftsmen in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, a famous Daruma doll production area.

We wish the Rainbow Daruma will be one of a symbol of Japan’s LGBTQ community, to promote the idea of LGBTQ people as part of Japanese culture rather than passive thought , and to deepen the understanding of LGBTQ people among as many people as possible.

As a result, we will work to create a world in which sexual minorities around the world can live their lives in a way that is more familiar and natural to them.